1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning Pdf Download

1000 One Word Substitution
1000 One Word Substitution

1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning Pdf Download

1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning Pdf Download-Hello Friends, Welcome to wikimeinpedia.Com, दोस्तों जैसा की आप लोग जानते ही है की हम आपको प्रतिदिन कुछ नई study मटेरियल provides करते है | Today, we are sharing a FREE PDF of  1000 One Word Substitution. This is very useful for the upcoming competitive exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams.  Complete English Grammar is very important for any competitive exam and this 1000 One Word Substitution For Competitive Exam PDF is very useful for it. this FREE PDF will be very helpful for your examination.

1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning PDF नीचे दिये हुये डाउनलोड बटन पर क्लिक करके बहुत ही आसानी से डाउनलोड कर सकते हो।

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1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning

English लगभग सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाते है जैसे SSC-CGL, CHSL, SBI-PO, IBPS, CDS तथा अन्य exam में पूछे जाते है ।इसमें प्रत्येक chapter के बाद अभ्यास के लिए Exercise भी दी गई है|जो निश्चित रूप से प्रत्येक विधार्थी के लिए लाभदायक है| 

इसे भी पढ़े…

इसे भी पढ़ें…

Most Important One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning

Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
1 A Place Where Animals
Are Slaughtered For The Market
Abattoir कसाईखाना
2 Shortening Something
By Omitting Parts Of It
Abbreviation संक्षिप्त
3 To Give Up A Throne
Abdicate त्यागना
4 Voluntary Giving Up
Of Throne In Favour Of Someone
Abdication त्याग
5 Do Away With Abolish समाप्त करना
6 The Original
Inhabitants Of A Country
Aborigines मुलनिवासी
7 An Edition A Book In
Which It Has Been Condensed
Abridged संगृहीत
8 To Do Away With Rules Abrogate अभिनिषेध करना
9 Move Faster Accelerate में तेजी लाने के
10 Which Can Be
Accessible सुलभ
11 To Accustom Oneself
In New Climate
Acclimatize जलवायु का अभ्यस्त
12 A Partner In Crime Accomplice साथी
13 Responsible For One’s
Accountable उत्तरदायी
14 Make Oneself Familiar
With A Person Or A Thing
Acquaint परिचित
15 The Act Of Freeing A
Person From A Charge By Verdict
Acquittal दोषमुक्ति
16 Someone Versed In The
Interpretation Of Numerical Data
Actuary मुंशी
17 A Substance That Can
Stick Or Cause Sticking
Adhesive गोंद
18 The Period Between
The Beginning Of Puberty And Adulthood
Adolescence किशोरावस्था
19 To Falsify A Thing By
Admixture Or Baser Ingredients
Adulteration मिलावट
20 Person Who Pilots Or
Travels In A Balloon Airship Or Other Aircraft
Aeronaut वायु-यान चलानेवाला
21 Science Of Flight Of
Aeronautics एयरोनॉटिक्स
22 Fear Of Height Aerophobia ऊंचाई का डर
23 Person Who Claims To
Have Great Love For Understanding Of What Is Beautiful In Nature , Art Etc
24 A List Of Headings Of
The Business To Be Transacted At A Meeting
Agenda कार्यसूची
25 To Increase The
Gravity Of An Offence Or The Intensity Of A Disease
Aggravate छेड़ना
26 Someone Who Attacks Aggressor आक्रामक
27 Fear Of Pain Agliophobia  
28 A Person Who Claims
The Existence Of God Is Unknowable
Agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का
29 Fear Of Open Spaces
Or Crowd
Agoraphobia भीड़ से डर लगना
30 Belonging To A
Foreign Country
Alien विदेशी
31 Arouse Hostility Or
Indifference In
Alienate हटाना
32 Allowance Paid To
Wife On Legal Separation
Alimony गुजारा भत्ता
33 A Story In Which
Ideas Are Symbolised As People
Allegory रूपक
34 Commencement Of Words
With The Same Letter
Alliteration अनुप्रास
35 An Annual Calender
With Positions Of Stars
Almanac पंचांग
36 A Raised Place On
Which Offering To A God Are Made
Altar वेदी
37 A Person Who Loves
Every Body
Altruist परोपकार के सिद्धन्त
38 A Lover Of Mankind Altruist/Philanthropist एल्ट्रूइस्ट /
39 A Man Who Does A
Thing For Pleasure And Not As A Profession
Amateur शौकिया
40 Fear Of Riding A Car Amaxophobia  
41 One Who Represents A
State In A Foreign Country
Ambassador दूत
42 One, Who Can Use
Either Hand With Ease
43 Of A Person Who Can
Use Both Hands Equally Well
Ambidextrous कपटी
44 An Expression Or
Statement That Has More Than One Meaning
Ambiguity अस्पष्टता
45 Uncertain Or Unable
To Decide About What Course To Follow
46 A Van Which Is Used
In Transporting Wounded Or Serious Patients
Ambulance एम्बुलेंस
47 One Who Is Likeable Amiable सौम्य
48 Partial Or Total Loss
Of Memory
Amnesia भूलने की बीमारी
49 A Warrant Granting
Release From Punishment For An Offense
Amnesty आम माफ़ी
50 Animals Which Live
Both On Land And Sea
Amphibian उभयचर
51 To Cut Off A Part Of
A Person’s Body Which Is Infected
Amputate अंग-विच्छेद करना
52 A Person Or Thing Out
Of Time And Out Of Date; Belonging To A Different Era Either Earlier Or Later
Anachronism कालभ्रम
53 One, Who Is Out To
Destroy All Governance, Law And Order
Anarchist अराजकतावादी
54 A State Of
Lawlessness And Disorder
Anarchy अराजकता
55 Physical Structure Anatomy एनाटॉमी
56 Fear Of Males Androphobia  
57 One Who Is Fond Of
English People And Their Customs
58 The Yearly Return Of
A Date
Anniversary सालगिरह
59 Which Happens Once A
Annual वार्षिक
60 Medicine Which
Lessens Pain
Anodyne पीड़ा-नाशक
61 Deviation Or
Departure From Common Rule Of Standard
Anomaly विसंगति
62 Having No Known Name
Or Identity Or Known Source
Anonymous गुमनाम
63 Fear Of Getting Fat
Makes Young Girl Stop Eating Resulting Inharmful Effect
Anorexia आहार
64 Capable Of Being
Answerable जवाबदेह
65 A Person Who Opposes
Antagonist प्रतिपक्षी
66 Be Earlier In Time;
Go Back Further
Antedate समय से पूर्व घटित
67 Room Leading Into A
Large Room
Anteroom गलियारा
68 A Collection Of Poems Anthology संकलन
69 Student Of The
Development Of The Mankind
Anthropologist मानवविज्ञानी
70 Science Of The
Origins And Social Relationships Of Humans
Anthropology नृविज्ञान
71 A Remedy That Stops
Or Controls The Effects Of A Poison
Antidote मारक
72 Strong Dislike Or
Antipathy घृणा
73 Thoroughly Clean And
Free Of Disease-Causing Organisms
Antiseptic सड़न रोकनेवाली दबा
74 A Word That Expresses
An Opposite Meaning
Antonym विलोम
75 Lack Of Feeling Apathy उदासीनता
76 Loss Of Speech Aphasia बोली बंद होना
77 That Which Causes
Sexual Arousal
Aphrodisiac कामोद्दीपक
78 One Who Deserts His
Apostate स्वधर्मत्यागी
79 A Pioneer Of A Reform
Apostle प्रेरित
80 Be Fully Aware Of Appreciate सराहना
81 A Person Who Has Just
Started Learning
Apprentice अपरेंटिस
82 A Place Where Fishes
Are Kept
Aquarium मछलीघर
83 Animals/Plants Ere
Which Live In Water
Aquatic जलीय
84 A Person, Appointed
By Two Parties To Solve A Dispute
Arbitrator पंच
85 The Branch Of
Anthropology That Studies Prehistoric People
Archaeology पुरातत्व
86 Words Used In Ancient
Time But No Longer In General Use Now
Archaic प्राचीन
87 One Who Prepares
Plans For Buildings
Architect वास्तुकार
88 A Place Where
Government Or Public Records Are Kept
Archives अभिलेखागार
89 Government By The
Aristocracy शिष्टजन
90 The Cessation Of
Warfare Before A Treaty Is Signed
Armistice युद्धविराम
91 A Place For
Ammunition And Weapons
Arsenal आर्सेनल
92 One Who Is Guilty Of
Firing Property
93 One Who Is Not
Interested In The Pleasures Of The World
Ascetic तपस्वी
94 An Assembly Of
Assemblage जमावड़ा
95 Star-Shaped Flower Aster एस्टर
96 Fear Of Thunder And
97 A Person Who Studies
The Influence Of Heavenly Bodies On Human Beings
Astrologer ज्योतिषी
98 One Who Is Skilled In
The Study Of Celestial Bodies
Astronomer खगोलविद
99 A Person Who Does Not
Believe In God
Atheist नास्तिक
100 Fear Of Failure Atychiphobia  
101 Sound Which Can Be
Audible सुनाई देने योग्य
102 A Number Of People
Listening To A Lecture
Audience दर्शक
103 The Study Of Hearing,
Especially Hearing Defects And Their Treatment
Audiology ऑडियोलॉजी
104 A Qualified
Accountant Who Inspects Accounting Records
Auditor आडिटर
105 A Specialist With
Regard To Ear
106 A Life History
Written By Oneself
Autobiography आत्मकथा
107 Government By One
Autocracy एकतंत्र
108 Person Who Rules
Without Consulting The Opinion Of Others
Autocrat अनियन्त्रित शासक
109 Getting Signature Of
Some Important Person In His Handwriting
Autograph हस्ताक्षर
110 Self-Rule Autonomy स्वायत्तता
111 Fear Of Being Alone Autophobia  
112 Reprehensible
Acquisitiveness; Insatiable Desire For Wealth
Avarice लोभ
113 Immoderately Desirous
Of Acquiring Something
Avaricious लालची
114 A Place Where Birds
Are Kept
Aviary पक्षीशाल
115 A Statement Which Is
Accepted As True Without Proof
Axiom स्वयंसिद्ध

Most Important One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning

Sr.No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
116 State Of Being
Bachelorhood अविवाहित्ता
117 A Story In Verse Ballad गाथा
118 Science Dealing With
The Motion Of Projectile Like Rockets Bombs & Shells
119 One Who Can’t Pay The
Bankrupt दिवालिया
120 Fear Of Depths Bathophobia  
121 Cut The Head Of Behead सिर काट लेना
122 A Person Who Is Fond
Of Fighting
Bellicose लड़ाकू
123 A Person, Nation That
Is Involved In War
Belligerent युद्धरत
124 Nations Engaged In
125 Wishing Good Things
For Another
Benevolent उदार
126 To Surround With
Armed Forces
Besiege मुहासिरा करना
127 Engaged To Be Married Betrothed मंगेतर
128 A Great Lover Of
Bibliophile पुस्तकों का प्यार
129 An Event Which
Happens Once In Two Years
Biennial द्विवाषिक
130 The Practice Of
Having Two Wives Or Husbands At A Time
Bigamy द्विविवाह का प्रथा
131 One Who Intolerantly
Devoted To A Particular Creed
Bigot कट्टर व्यक्रित
132 Using Or Knowing Two
Bilingual द्विभाषिक
133 Life Of Person
Written By Someone Else
Biography जीवनी
134 One Who Studies The
Science Of Animals And Plants
Biologist जीवविज्ञानी
135 The Science That
Studies Living Organisms
Biology जीवविज्ञान
136 Examination Of Living
Biopsy बायोप्सी
137 Animal Having Two
Biped दो पैरों का
138 The Act Of Speaking
Disrespectfully About Sacred Things
Blasphemy ईश-निंदा
139 An Unconventional
Style Of Living
Bohemian बोहेनिया का
140 In Good Faith Bona Fide प्रामाणिक
141 One Who Devotes Full
Time In Studying Course Books
Bookworm किताबी कीड़ा
142 Clumsy Or Ill‐Bred
Boor गंवार
143 One Who Studies The
Science Of Plants
Botanist वनस्पति-विज्ञानिक
144 The Branch Of Biology
That Studies Plants
Botany बॉटनी
145 A Collection Of
Bouquet गुलदस्ता
146 Being Of The
Property-Owning Class
Bourgeois पूंजीपति
147 A Small Shop That
Sells Fashionable Clothes, Cosmetics Etc
Boutique बूटिक
148 A Factory For
Manufacturing Of Beers
Brewery शराब की भठ्ठी
149 A Bandit Or Robber,
Brigand बटमार
150 Gold Or Silver Before
Using For Manufacturing Ornaments
Bullion बुलियन
151 One Who Comes From A
Village And Considered Stupid
Bumpkin बेढंग आदमी
152 A Small House With
All Rooms On One Floor
Bungalow बंगला
153 A Collection Of Flags Bunting गौरेया
154 Government By The
Bureaucracy नौकरशाही
155 One Who Breaks Into A
House To Commit Theft
Burglar सेंधमार
156 The Dwelling Place If
An Animal Underground
Burrow बिल
157 Person Who Holds
Scholarship At A University
158 One Who Kills Animals
And Sells Their Flesh
Butcher कसाई
159 Place Where Cows Are
Byre गोशाला

Most Important One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning

Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
160 A Place Where Treasurers ,Stores ,Ammunition Are Hidden Cache कैश
161 A Person, Who Is Bad
In Spellings
162 Ugly, Illegible
163 Fear Of Ugliness Cacophobia  
164 The Infirmity Of Old
Caducity जरा जीर्णता
165 A Person, Who Writes
Beautiful Handwriting
Calligraphist सुलेखककों
166 Beautiful Handwriting Calligraphy सुलेख
167 Having Calluses Callous कठोर
168 One, Who Feeds On
Human Flesh
Cannibal नरभक्षक
169 A Lover Of Dogs Canophilist  
170 The Dead Body Of A
Caracas कराकस
171 A Person, Who Is
Specialist In Heart Diseases
Cardiologist हृदय रोग विशेषज्ञ
172 A Picture Drawn To
Make People Laugh
Caricature कारटूनवाला
173 One, Who Lives On
Carnivorous मांसभक्षी
174 One, Who Draws Maps Cartographer काटोग्रफ़र
175 A Person Who Os Bad
In Spelling
176 The Art Of Making
Maps And Charts
Cartography नक्शानवीसी
177 A Complete List Of
Things, Usually Arranged Systematically
Catalogue सूची
178 Soldiers, Who Fight
On Horse Back
Cavalry घुड़सवार सेना
179 Abstaining From
Sexual Relations
Celibacy क्वांरापन
180 Abstaining From
Sexual Intercourse
Celibate अविवाहित
181 Extreme Fear Of
182 A Place For Burial Of
Dead Bodies
Cemetery कब्रिस्तान
183 One Who Is More Than
A Hundred Years Old
Centenarian सौ वर्ष का
184 The 100th Anniversary
(Or The Celebration Of It)
Centenary शताब्दी
185 Anything Tending To
Move Away From Centre
Centripetal केंद्राभिगामी
186 One Hundred Years Century सदी
187 Elderly Women In
Charge Of A Girl On Social Occasions
Chaperon संरक्षिका
188 Be The Emodment Or
Perfect Example Of
189 Person Who Pretends
To Have More Knowledge
Charlatan मायावी
190 An Extremly Deep
Crack Or Opening In The Ground
Chasm खाई
191 One, Who Is Employed
To Drive A Motor Car
Chauffeur ड्राइवर
192 A Person Who Is
Blindly Devoted To An Idea
Chauvinist अंधराष्ट्रीवादी
193 An Unreal And
Visionary Ideal
Chimerical असाध्य
194 A Small Piece Of Wood Chip टुकड़ा
195 A Person Who Is An
Expert At Penmanship
196 A Person Who Reads
197 Palm-Reading Chiromancy कैरोमंसी
198 Specialist Who Takes
Care Of The Ailments Of The Feet
Chiropodist किरोपडिस्ट
199 One, Who Teaches
Choreographer कोरियोग्राफर
200 The Science Of
201 Calendar Of Events In
Order Of Occurrence
Chronology कालक्रम
202 Method Of Talking In
A Roundabout Way
Circumlocution कपटपूर्ण बातें
203 Fear Of Doctors Claustrophobia क्लौस्ट्रफ़ोबिया
204 Fear Of Going To Bed Clinophobia  
205 A Place For Luggage
At Railway Station
Cloak Room लबादा कक्ष
206 An Associate That One
Works With
Colleague सहयोगी
207 People Who Work
Colleagues सहयोगियों
208 Informal Expression
Used In Everyday Conversation
209 Belong To Same
Compatriot स्वदेशवासी
210 One Who Introduces
Performing Artists On The Stage Program
Compere कमपेरे
211 A Performance Given
By A Number Of Musicians
Concert कॉन्सर्ट
212 Live In Relationship
A Man And A Woman Living Without Being Married
Concubinage बेविवाति साथ रहना
213 A Country Ruled By
Two Country
Condominium सम्मिलित
214 One Who Sells Sweets
And Pastries
Confectioner हलवाई
215 Present At Birth But
Not Necessarily Hereditary
Congenital जन्मजात
216 An Assembly Of
Congregation मण्डली
217 A Critical Judge Of
Any Art And Craft
Connoisseur विशेषज्ञ
218 Relationship By Blood
Or Birth
Consanguinity रक्तसंबंध
219 Compulsory Enlistment
For Military Service
Conscription भरती
220 A Number Of Stars
Grounded Together
Constellation नक्षत्र
221 A Disease Which
Spreads By Contact
Contagious संक्रामक
222 Belonging To Or
Living At The Same Time
Contemporaries समकालीन
223 Gradual Recovery From
Convalescence आरोग्यलाभ
224 One, Who Is
Recovering Health
Convalescent अच्छा हो जानेवाला
225 A Funeral Procession
Comprising A Number Of Mourners
Cortege जूलुस
226 Metaphysical Study Of
The Origin And Nature Of The Universe
Cosmology ब्रह्मांड विज्ञान
227 A Person Who Regards
Whole World As His Country
Cosmopolitan कॉस्मोपॉलिटन
228 A Citizen Of The
229 A Stanza Having Two
Lines In Verse
Couplet दोहा
230 A Nursery Where
Children Are Cared For While Their Parents Are At Work
Creche क्रेच
231 Showing A Lack Of
Judgment Or Experience
Credulous विश्रंभी
232 A Religious War Crusade धर्मयुद्ध
233 Study Of Secret
Writing And Coded Words
Cryptography क्रिप्टोग्राफी
234 Science Of
Crystallography क्रि
235 Man Whose Wife Is
Unfaithful To Him
Cuckold व्यभिचारी
236 Which Can Be Cured Curable इलाज
237 A Person Incharge Of
A Museum
Curator क्यूरेटर
238 A Low Area Storm With
High Winds Rotating About A Centre Of Low Atmospheric Pressure
Cyclone चक्रवात
239 One, Who Sneers At
The Aims And Beliefs Of His Fellow Men
Cynic निंदक
240 Fear Of Dogs Cynophobia  
241 Centre Of Attraction Cynosure ऋक्ष
242 Study Of Cell Cytology कोशिका विज्ञान
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
243 One Who Pays Too Much
Attention To His Cloths And Appearance
Dandy बांका
244 An Unclaimed Letter Dead Letter मृत पत्र
245 One Who Cannot Hear Deaf बहरा
246 Prevent A Person From
Admission Or A Right
Debar प्रवेश न होने देना
247 Suave (Polished And
Light Heart Person)
Debonair ख़ुशमिज़ाज
248 A Period Of Ten Years Decade दशक
249 An Original Glass
Bottle For Holding Wine Or Other Alcoholic Drinks
Decanter कंटर
250 Act Or Art Of
Rhetorical Exercise
Declamation शब्दपांडित्य
251 A Person Appointed Or
Elected To Represent Others
Delegate प्रतिनिधि
252 A Political Leader
Who Tries To Stir Up People
Demagogue दुर्जनों का नेता
253 The Orientation Of
Those Who Favor Government By The People
Democracy जनतंत्र
254 Science Of Vital And
Social Statistics
Demography जनसांख्यिकी
255 Show Of Force To
Demonstration प्रदर्शन
256 The Home Of A Large
Fierce Wild Animal
Den मांद
257 A Person Who Gives
Written Testimony For Use In A Court
Deponent साक्षी
258 Lose In Value Depreciate पछताना
259 A Doctor Who Treats
Skin Diseases
Dermatologist त्वचा विशेषज्ञ
260 Study Of Skin Dermatology त्वचा विज्ञान
261 To Derive A Thing Of
Its Holy Character
Desecrate अपवित्र करना
262 Where Neither Water
Nor Vegetation Is Found
Desert रेगिस्तान
263 One Whose Business Is
To Find Out Criminals
Detective जासूसी
264 Become Worse Or
Deteriorate बिगड़ना
265 State Of Being Split
Into Two Parts
Dichotomy विरोधाभास
266 One Who Gives Orders
In A Manner That Permits No Refusal
Dictator तानाशाह
267 Government Carried On
By An Absolute Ruler
Dictatorship अधिनायकत्व
268 A Book Dealing With
Words In Alphabetical Order
Dictionary शब्दकोश
269 A Small Allowance Of
Food To Become Slim
Dieting परहेज़
270 That Which Can Be
Digestible सुपाच्य
271 A Dabbler In The Arts Dilettante अनुरागी
272 Morbid Compulsion Of
Dipsomania मद्यासक्ति
273 Fear Of Thirst Dipsophobia  
274 Song Sung At Burial Dirge मरसिया
275 One Who Works In
Return For Being Taught The Trade
Disciple शिष्य
276 That Which Can Be
Divisible भाज्य
277 A Person Living
Permanently In A Certain Place
Domicile अधिवास
278 The Sleeping Rooms
With Several Beds Especially In A College Or Institution
Dormitory छात्रावास
279 Old Age When A Man
Behave Like A Fool
Dotage मतिक्षीणता
280 The House Of An Arab Dower दहेज
281 A Game In Which
Neither Party Wins
Draw खींचना
282 A Game That Results
Neither In Victory Nor In Defeat
Drawn नंगी
283 A Game Or Batter In
Which Neither Party Wins
Drawn/ Tie नंगी / टाई
284 A Squirrel’s Home Dray छकड़ा
285 Mania For Travel Dromomania  
286 Continuous Dry
Weather And Lack Of Rain And Water
Drought सूखा
287 One Who Deals In
Drover चौपायों को बेचनेवाला
288 One Who Cannot Speak Dumb गूंगा
289 A Person Who Is Slow
In Learning
Dunce कुंद
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
290 Not Conforming To
Ordinary Rules Of Behaviour
Eccentric विलक्षण
291 One Who Studies The
Science Relating To The Church
292 The Environment As It
Relates To Living Organisms
Ecology परिस्थितिकी
293 Fear Of Home
294 Fit To Be Eaten Edible खाद्य
295 A Person Who Is
Effeminate स्रैण
296 Sure To Produce
Desired Results
Efficacious प्रभावोत्पादक
297 A Man Who Thinks Only
For Himself
Egoist अहंवादी
298 Practice Of Talking
Too Much About Oneself
Egotism अहंकार
299 A Poem Of Lamentation Elegy शोकगीत
300 Qualified For Or
Allowed Or Worthy Of Being Chosen
Eligible योग्य
301 The Art Of Effective
Elocution वाग्मिता
302 Make Clear And
Elucidate स्पष्ट करना
303 The Fraudulent
Appropriation Of Funds Or Property
Embezzlement ग़बन
304 A Person Who Leaves
His Own Country And Goes To Live In Another
Emigrant प्रवासी
305 Identification With
Another Person’s Feelings
Empathy सहानुभूति
306 To Stress, Single Out
As Important
Emphasize ज़ोर देना
307 One Who Employs Employer नियोक्ता
308 A Book That Contains
Information On Various Subjects
Encyclopaedia मकदूनियाई
309 A Disease Prevailing
In A Locality
Endemic स्थानिक
310 One Who Studies
Entomologist कीटविज्ञानशास्री
311 The Scientific Study
Of Insects
Entomology कीटविज्ञान
312 Lasting One Day Ephemeral अल्पकालिक
313 A Long Narrative Poem Epic महाकाव्य
314 One, Who Is Devoted
To The Pleasure Of Eating And Drinking
Epicure रसिया
315 One Whose Attitude Is
To Eat, Drink And Merry
Epicurean एपिकुरे
316 A Widespread Outbreak
Of An Infectious Disease
Epidemic महामारी
317 Outer Layer Of Skin Epidermis एपिडर्मिस
318 A Verse Letter Epistle पत्र
319 Words Which Are
Inscribed On The Grave Or The Tomb In The Memory Of The Buried
Epitaph समाधि-लेख
320 Calmness Under Trying
Equanimity समभाव
321 A Person Who Rides On
Equestrian घुड़सवार
322 Having Equal Sides Equilateral समभुज
323 Tightrope Walker Equilibrist नट
324 A State Of Perfect
Equilibrium संतुलन
325 Time When Night And
Day Are Of Equal Length
Equinox विषुव
326 Destroy Completely,
As If Down To The Roots
Eradicate उन्मूलन
327 Fear Of Work Ergophobia  
328 Thing Without Which
We Cannot Do
Essential आवश्यक
329 Having No Beginning
Or End To Its Existence
Eternal सनातन
330 One Who Studies The
Science Of The Variatees Of Human Race
331 Branch Of
Anthropology Dealing With Divisions Of Humankind
Ethnology मानव जाति विज्ञान
332 One Who Studies The
Science Of Character
333 Rules Governing
Socially Acceptable Behavior
Etiquette शिष्टाचार
334 One Who Studies The
Science And Origin Of Words
Etymologist शब्द-व्युपत्तिशास्री
335 Science Relating To
The Formation And Development Of Words
Etymology शब्द-साधन
336 A Formal Expression
Of Praise For Someone Who Has Died
Eulogy स्तवन
337 Thing That Bring
Gentle And Painless Death From Incurable Disease
Euthanasia इच्छामृत्यु
338 Science Of Improving
The Environment
339 A Gradual Upholding
Or Development
Evolution विकास
340 One Who Is Taking
Examinee परीक्षार्थी
341 One Who Examine The
Copies Of Examinees
Examiner परीक्षक
342 Made To Be Absent For
A Long Time From One’s Own Country
Exile निर्वासन
343 Science Dealing With
Life Or Possibilities Of Life Existing Beyond The Earth
344 A Specialist Who
Extracts Teeth
345 Pronounce Not Guilty
Of Criminal Charges
Exonerate हक़ बहाल करना
346 To Atone One’s Sins Expiate निवृत्त
347 To Remove All
Objectionable Matter
348 With Little Or No
Preparation Or Forethought
Extempore अचिंतित
349 To Send Back The
Criminal To The Country
Extradite अपराधी देना
350 Forcing Out(Blood Etc Extravasate  
351 One Who Turns One’s
Thoughts Outwards
Extrovert बहिर्मुखी
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
352 An Animal Story With
Fable कल्पित कहानी
353 An Exact Copy Of
Handwriting, Printing Etc
Facsimile प्रतिकृति
354 An Exact Copy Of
Handwriting ,Printing
Facsimile/Xerox प्रतिकृति
355 A Person Motivated By
Irrational Enthusiasm
Fanatic हठधर्मी
356 One, Who Is Filled
With Excessive And Mistaken Enthusiasm In Religious Matters
Fanatic Or Bigot कट्टरपंथी या Bigot
357 One Who Shoes Horses Farrier नालबन्द
358 One, Who Is Very
-Selective In One’s Taste
Fastidious दुराराध्य
359 Causing Death Fatal घातक
360 One, Who Believes In
Fatalist भाग्यवादी
361 The Animals Of A
Certain Region
Fauna पशुवर्ग
362 Congrulations Some
One In Formal Manner
Felicitated को सम्मानित किया
363 One, Who Works For
The Welfare Of The Women
Feminist नारीवादी
364 Faithfulness Fidelity सत्य के प्रति निष्ठा
365 Murder Of One’s
366 A Number Of Sheeps Flock झुण्ड
367 The Plants Of A
Particular Region
Flora फ्लोरा
368 One, Who Deals-In
Florist फूलवाला
369 Well In The Past;
Foregone पहले से
370 Falsification Of
Documents Etc
Forgery जालसाजी
371 Remains Of
Prehistoric Animal Or Plant Preserved By Being Buried In Earth
Fossils जीवाश्म
372 Child Brought By
Persons, Who Are Not His Parents
Foster Child धाय पालित संतान
373 Easily Broken Fragile नाज़ुक
374 Constitutional Right
To Cast Vote
Franchise मताधिकार
375 Murder Of Brother Fratricide भ्रातृघातक
376 One, Who Runs Away
From Justice Or The Law
Fugitive भगोड़ा
377 The Line Which A
Plough Cuts In The Ground
Furrow कुंड
378 Irregular Luminous
Band Of Stars
Galaxy आकाशगंगा
379 Fear Of Marriage Gamophobia  
380 A Shed For Motor Car Garage गेराज
381 A Government
Publication Relating To Order, Notification Etc
Gazette राज-पत्र
382 Study Of Ancestry Genealogy वंशावली
383 Science Of Heredity Genetics जेनेटिक्स
384 Murder Of Race Genocide नरसंहार
385 Fear Of Birth Genophobia  
386 One Who Studies The
Geologist भूविज्ञानी
387 The Study Of Rocks
And Soils
Geology भूविज्ञान
388 Fear Of Old Age Geraphobia  
389 Specialty Dealing
With The Medical Problems Of The Elderly
Geriatrics जराचिकित्सा
390 An Agent (As Heat Or
Radiation Or A Chemical) That Destroys Microorganisms That Might Carry
Germicide अंकुर-नाशक दवा
391 Government By Old Man Gerontocracy  
392 Science Of The Social
And Economic Problems Of The Aged
Gerontology जरा विज्ञान
393 A Mass Of Ice Moving
Very Slowly Down A Mountain Valley
Glacier हिमनद
394 White Liquid Material
In An Egg
Glair कीचड़
395 List Of Explantation Glossary शब्दकोष
396 A Person Who Is
Devoted To Eating And Drinking To Excess
Glutton खाऊ
397 Art And Science
Dealing With A Language
Grammar व्याकरण
398 A Place For Grains Granary धान्यागार
399 One Who Analyzes
400 Analysis Of
Graphology हस्तलेख का अध्ययन
401 Costing Nothing Gratis नि: शुल्क
402 The Place In The
Ground Where A Dead Person Is Buried
Grave गंभीर
403 Make-Up Room Behind
Greenroom हरा कक्ष
404 Animals Which Live In
Gregarious झुण्ड में रहनेवाला
405 Animals Which Live In
A Flock , Used For Human Beings Also
Gregarious/Sociable यूथचारी / मिलनसार
406 Naive And Easily
Deceived Or Tricked
Gullible भोला
407 A Sudden Rush Of Wind Gust झोंका
408 The Specialist Who
Treats The Female Reproductive And Sexual Organs
Gynaecologist स्त्री रोग विशेषज्ञ
409 Fear Of Women Gynophobia  
410 An Instrument For
Recodings The Revolutions Of The Earth
Gyroscope जाइरोस्कोप
411 The Normal Abode Of
Any Animal Or Plant
Habitat वास
412 Calm And Peaceful Halcyon धीर
413 A Person Without
Objective Reality
Hallucination माया
414 A Place For Housing
Hangar हैंगर
415 Two Wheeled Cab For
Two To Ride Indie With Driver Mounted Up Behind
Hansom इक्का
416 Loud Talk Or Speech Harangue भाषण
417 A Women Of Lax Moral Harlot रंडी
418 Fear Of Being Robbed Harpaxophobia  
419 A Vehicle Which Is
Used To Carry A Dead Body
Hearse रथी
420 One, Who Believes
That Pleasure Is The Chief Good (Sensual)
Hedonist सुखवादी
421 Fear Of Pleasure Hedonophobia  
422 Wicked To A High
Heinous जघन्य
423 A Place For The
Collection Of Dried Plants
Herbarium सूखी वनस्पतियों का
424 One, Who Lives On
Herbivorous तृणभक्षी
425 Belief Or Opinion
Contrary To What Is Generally Accepted
Heresy विधर्म
426 One, Who Acts Against
Heretic विधर्मी
427 Creature Havingh Both
Male And Female Organs
Hermaphrodite द्विलिंग
428 Things Of Different
Heterogeneous विजातीय
429 A Person Claiming To
Be Superior In Culture And Intellect To Others
Highbrow घमंडी
430 One Who Robs Smuggler
Of His Smuggled Goods After The Border Has Been Crossed
Hijacker लुटेरा
431 Person Who Is Against
The Ordinary Society Esp
Hippy हिप्पी
432 Study Of Tissue Histology प्रोटोकॉल
433 A Place For Bees Hive मधुमुखी का छत्ता
434 Murder Of Man Homicide मानव हत्या
435 Thing Of Same Nature Homogeneous सजातीय
436 The First Night Of
Newly Married Couple
Honeymoon सुहाग रात
437 Holding Office
Without Any Remuneration
Honorary माननीय
438 A Line At Which The
Earth And The Sky Seem To Meet
Horizon क्षितिज
439 The Art Of
Cultivating And Managing Gardens
Horticulture बागवानी
440 Fond Of Entertaining
Hospitable मेहमाननवाज़
441 A State Of
Deep-Seated Ill-Will
Hostility शत्रुता
442 Seat On Elephant’s
443 Marked By Devotion To
Popular Welfare
Humanitarian मानवीय
444 Assembly Or
Parliament In Which No Party Has Got Clear Majority
Hung त्रिशंकु
445 A Box Or Cage For
Keeping Rabbits
Hutch हच
446 A Serpent With Many
Hydra हीड्रा
447 Fear Of Travel Hydrophobia जलांतक
448 A Specialist In The
Promotion Of Clean Conditions For The Preservation Of Health
449 A Religious Song Hymn स्तोत्र
450 A Persistent Anxiety
About One’s Health Usually Involving Imagined Symptoms Of Illness
451 One Who Is
Excessively Worried About One’s Health
452 One Who Pretends To
Be What He Is Not
Hypocrite पाखंडी
453 A Tentative
Assumption, Made To Drive A Logical Conclusion
Hypothesis परिकल्पना
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
454 A Person Who Attacks
Popular Belief Or Established Custom
Iconoclast मूर्तिभंजक
455 An Odd, A Typical Or
Eccentric Trait
Idiosyncrasy लत
456 The Worship Of Idols
Or Images That Are Not God
Idolatry मूर्ति पूजा
457 Short Descriptive
Poem Or Picturesque Scene Or Incident
Idyll सुखद जीवन
458 Person Having No
Knowledge Of Any Happening
Ignorant अनजान
459 Prohibited By Law Or
By Official Or Accepted Rules
Illegal अवैध
460 Incapable Of Being
Illegible अस्पष्ट
461 Which Can Be Imitated Imitable अनुगमनीय
462 A Person Who Is Pure
And Clean
Immaculate शुद्ध
463 A Person Who Comes To
One Country From Another In Order To Settle There
Immigrant आप्रवासी
464 Which Cannot Be
Moved, Fixed
Immovable अचल
465 Free From Infection Immune इम्यून
466 Incapable Of Being
Impenetrable अभेद्य
467 Impossible Or
Difficult To Sense
Imperceptible अगोचर
468 Not Admitting Of
Passage Or Capable Of Being Affected
Impervious प्रबल
469 A Person Pretending
To Be Somebody He Is Not
Imposter ढोंगी
470 Incapable Of Being
Impracticable अव्यवहारिक
471 Having A Chance Of
Occurring Too Low To Inspire Belief
Improbable असंभव
472 That Cannot Be Easily
Inaccessible दुर्गम
473 Incapable Of Being
Admitted Or Allowed
Inadmissible अस्वीकार्य
474 Something That Cannot
Be Taken Away
Inalienable अविच्छेद्य
475 Not Endowed With Life Inanimate अचेतन
476 A Sound That Cannot
Be Heard
Inaudible अश्राव्य
477 A Person Who
Maliciously Destroys By Fire
Incendiary आग लगानेवाला
478 Travelling Under
Another Name Than One’s Own
Incognito गुप्त
479 Incapable Of Being
480 Difficult To
Incomprehensible समझ से बाहर
481 Out Of Place Incongruous बेमेल
482 State Of Being Beyond
Reform Or Correction
483 Incapable Of Being
Incorrigible असंशोधनीय
484 Beyond Belief Or
Incredible अतुल्य
485 Incapable Of Being
Incurable लाइलाज
486 One, Who Does Not
Tire Easily
Indefatigable अथक
487 Not Able To Be
Protected Against Attack
Indefensible असमर्थनीय
488 That Cannot Be Erased Indelible अमिट
489 Defying Expression Indescribable अवर्णनीय
490 Incapable Of Being
Indestructible अक्षय
491 Incapable Of Being
Indivisible अभाज्यता
492 Something Carried On
Within Door Or Under Cover
Indoor इंडोर
493 Not Suitable To Be
Inedible अखाद्य
494 Not Being Able To Be
Elected Or Selected Under The Rules
Ineligible अनुचित
495 Incapable Of Being
Inevitable अपरिहार्य
496 Incapable Of Being
Inexcusable अक्षम्य
497 One Who Is
Unrelenting And Cannot Be Moved By Entreaties
Inexorable निष्ठुर
498 Incapable Of Being
Explained Or Accounted For
Inexplicable अकथनीय
499 One, Who Is Free From
All Mistakes And Failures
Infallible अचूक
500 Murder Of An Infant Infanticide भ्रूण हत्या
501 Soldiers, Who Fight
On Foot
Infantry पैदल सेना
502 A Disease Spread By
Infection संक्रमण
503 Faithlessness Infidelity बेवफ़ाई
504 Not Limited By Person
Or Number
Infinite अनंत
505 A Home Or Room Used
For Ill Or Injured People
Infirmary दुर्बलता
506 Liable To Catch Fire
Inflammable ज्वलनशील
507 Matchless Inimitable अनोखी
508 Place Which Provides
Both Board And Lodging
Inn इन
509 That Which Kill
Insecticide कीटनाशक
510 Incapable Of Being
Insoluble अघुलनशील
511 A Person Who Is
Unable To Pay His Debts
Insolvent/Bankrupt दिवालिया / दिवालिया
512 Inability To Fall
Insomnia अनिद्रा
513 One Who Cannot Fall
Insomniac इन्सोम्नियाक
514 Interested Mainly In
A Small Group Country Etc
Insular द्वीपीय
515 To Mediate Between
Two Parties In A Dispute
Intercede रक्षा करना
516 Inserting New Matter
In A Book
Interpolate बैठाना
517 A Period Of Interval
Between Two Reigns Or Governments
Interregnum दो राजाए के भीतर समय
518 Anything Pushed
Inside Veins
Intervene हस्तक्षेप करना
519 Having Made No
Legally Valid Will Before Death Or Not Disposed Of By A Legal Will
Intestate बिना वसीयतनामा मारा
520 Contemplation Of Your
Own Thoughts And Desires And Conduct
Introspection आत्मनिरीक्षण
521 One Who Turns One’s
Thoughts Inwards
Introvert अंतर्मुखी
522 One, Who Supervises
In The Examination Hall
Invigilator निरीक्षक
523 One, Too Strong To Be
Invincible अजेय
524 Something That Can
Not Be Harmed
Inviolate अक्षत
525 Impossible Or Nearly
Impossible To See
Invisible अदृश्य
526 Incapable Of Being
Irreconcilable कट्टर विरोधी
527 Incapable Of
Recovered, Regained
Irrecoverable अप्रतिलभ्य
528 Having No Bearing On
Or Connection With The Subject At Issue
Irrelevant असंगत
529 Incapable Of Being
Irreparable अपूरणीय
530 Easily Annoyed Irritable चिड़चिड़ा
531 Government By All Isocracy  
532 One, Who Journeys
From Place To Place
Itinerant चलनेवाला
533 A Plan For Or Route
To Be Followed On A Journy
Itinerary यात्रा कार्यक्रम
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
534 A Place Where
Prisoners Are Kept
Jail जेल
535 Language Difficult To
Jargon शब्दजाल
536 A Short Journy For
Jaunt मनोरंजन की यात्रा
537 A Professional Rider
In Horse Races
Jockey जॉकी
538 A Group Of People Who
Band Together For Some Secret Purpose Especially For Political Intrigue
Junta जून्टा
539 The Territory Within
Which Power Can Be Exercised
Jurisdiction अधिकार क्षेत्र
540 Science Of Law Jurisprudence धर्मशास्र
541 Anything Which
Relates To Young And Youth
Juvenile किशोर
542 Government By The
Worst Citizen
543 A Swiftly Changing
Scene Or Pattern
Kaleidoscope बहुरूपदर्शक
544 An Animal Of
Australia With Great Leaping Power
Kangaroo कंगेरू
545 Fear Of Cockroaches Katsaridaphobia  
546 A Place For Dogs Kennel कुत्ता-घर
547 Take Away To An
Undisclosed Location Against Their Will And Usually In Order To Extract A
Kidnap अपहरण करना
548 A School For Small
Kindergarten बाल विहार
549 An Abnormal Desire To
Kleptomania क्लेपटोमानीया
550 A Funeral Bell Knell समाधिवाली झंकार
551 Fear Of Speed Lalophobia  
552 A Written Attack
Using Humour To Provoke Contempt
Lampoon निन्दालेख
553 One, Who Cuts
Precious Stones
554 Established By Or
Founded Upon Law Or Official Rules
Legal कानूनी
555 Responsible According
To Law
Legitimate वैध
556 One, Who Compiles A
Lexicographer कोशकार
557 A False Written
Statement To Damage A Person’s Repute
Libel परिवाद
558 A Person Who Leads An
Immoral Life
Libertine/Lecher अनैतिक / ज़िनाकार
559 Man Of Lax Moral Licentious बेलगाम
560 To Comenasate A
Person Etc
561 One, Who Is Skilled
In Foreign Languages
Linguist भाषाविद
562 Fear Of Getting Fat Lipophobia  
563 One Who Studies The
Science Of Rocks And Minerates
564 Cutting For Stone In
The Bladder
Lithotomy लिफ़ोटोमी
565 A Kind Of Winged
Insect Migrating In Swarms And Consuming Vegetation
Locust टिड्डी
566 The Science Of
Logic तर्क
567 Fear Of Words Logophobia  
568 One, Who Talks
Loquacious बातूनी
569 Talkativeness Loquacity  
570 A Pleasant Song Used
For Causing Children To Sleep
Lullaby लोरी
571 Eclipse Of Moon Lunar चांद्र
572 A Home For Lunatics Lunatic Asylum पागलख़ाना
573 Fear Of Dark Lygophobia  
574 Part‐Song For Several
Voices Without Instrumental Accompaniment
575 An Important Or
Influential Person
Magnate थैलीशाह
576 Great Artistic Work Magnum Opus प्रसिद्ध रचना
577 An Unmarried Girl
(Especially A Virgin)
Maiden प्रथम
578 The First Speech
Delivered By A Person
Maiden Speech प्रथम भाषण
579 Fear Of Childbirth Maieusiophilia  
580 Vague Feeling Of
General Physical Discomfort
Malaise अस्वस्थता
581 A Pharse R Sentence
That Is Comical Or Noncensical Because The Speaker Used A Wrong Work That
Sounded Something Like A Right Word
582 Person Who Is Always
Malcontent बाग़ी
583 Wishing Harm Malevolent द्रोही
584 One Who Pretends
Illness To Escape Duty
Malingerer अपवादक
585 Animals Which Give
Mammals स्तनधारी
586 A Full Size Model Of
A Complete Of Partial Human Figure
Mannequin पुतला
587 A Paper Written By
Manuscript हस्तलिपि
588 A Woman Who Murder
Her Husband
589 One, Who Dies For A
Noble Cause
Martyr शहीद
590 The Tendency To
Derive Sexual Gratification From One’s Own Pain Or Humiliation
Masochism स्वपीड़ासक्ति
591 One For Whom Money Is
The Most Important Thing
Materialistic भौतिकवादी
592 Morning Prayer Matin मतीन
593 A Cinema Show Which
Is Held In The Afternoon
Matinee तीसरे पहर के नाटक का
594 Morning Prayer In The
Church Regularly
Matins बांधना
595 Murder Of Mother Matricide मातृहत्या
596 State Of Being
Matrimony विवाह
597 An Establish
Maxim कहावत
598 A Low Level Tract Of
Uncultivated Grassland
Meadow मैदानी
599 Relating To Or
Belonging To The Middle Ages
Medieval मध्यकालीन
600 Continuous And
Profound Contemplation On Spiritual Matters
Meditation ध्यान
601 Mania Of Being
Megalomania बड़ाई का ख़ब्त
602 An Extravagant Comedy
In Which Action Is More Salient Than Characterization
Melodrama नाटक
603 Personal
Reminiscences In A Narrative From
Memoir इतिहास
604 A Place For Wild
Animals And Birds
Menagerie जंगली पशुओं का
पिंजड़ों में संग्रह
605 Working Only For The
Sake Of Money
Mercenary किराये का
606 A Person Whose Build
Is Powerful, Compact And Muscular
607 One Who Is Very
Careful And Particular
Meticulous सूक्ष्म
608 A Person Who Makes
And Sells Ladies Hats, Etc
Milliner मेमों की टोपी
609 A Place Where Coins
Are Made
Mint टकसाल
610 Impudent Girl Minx ढीठ लड़की
611 One Who Hates Mankind Misanthrope मनुष्यद्रोही
612 Hater Of Mankind Misanthropist मानवद्वेषी
613 One Who Spends Very
Miser कंजूस
614 A Hater Of Smoking Misocapnic  
615 One, Who Hates
616 One Who Hates Women Misogynist स्री जाति से द्वेष
617 A Person, Who Is Sent
To Propagate Religion
Missionary प्रचारक
618 A Political System In
Which A Mob Is The Source Of Control
619 Autocracy Governed By
A Ruler Who Usually Inherits Authority
Monarchy साम्राज्य
620 A Building In Which
Monks Live
Monastery मठ
621 Rule By One Person Monocracy एक व्यक्ति स शासित
622 The Practice Of
Marrying One At A Time
Monogamy एक ही बार विवाह करने
की प्रथा
623 Person Obsessed With
One Idea Or Subject
Monomaniac एकोंमादी
624 Exclusive Possession
Of The Trade In Some Commodity
Monopoly एकाधिकार
625 A Person Who Believes
In One Faith Is Called
Monotheist एकेश्वरवादी
626 Of Outstanding
Monumental स्मरणार्थ
627 A Place, Where Dead
Bodies Are Kept For Identification
Morgue मग़रूरता
628 Subject To Death Mortal नाशवान
629 A Place, Where Dead
Bodies Are Kept For Post Mortem
Mortuary शवगृह
630 Goddess Of Learning
And Arts
Muse सरस्वती
631 Open Rebellion Of
Soldiers And Sailors Against Lawful Authority
Mutiny गदर
632 A Traditional Story
Related To Deities
Myth मिथक
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
633 A Person Having Same
Name As Another
Namesake हमनाम
634 A Medicine For
Producing Sleep
Narcotic मादक
635 One Whose Parents Are
Native जन्म का
636 A Badly Behaved Child Naughty शरारती
637 Fear Of Dead Body Necrophobia  
638 Government By
Inexperienced Persons Is Called
639 New Word Coined By An
Neologism निओलगिज़्म
640 Using Of New Words Neology निओलजी
641 Any New Participant
In Some Activity
Neophyte नवछात्रा
642 A Hollow Space In A
Wall For A
Niche आला
643 Active At Night Nocturnal रात का
644 A Strong Desire To
Return Home, Home Sickness
Nostalgia विषाद
645 Person Publically
Authorized To Draw Up Or Attest Contracts Etc
Notary नोटरी
646 Ill-Fame Notoriety बदनामी
647 Known Widely And
Usually Unfavorably
Notorious कुख्यात
648 Someone New To A
Field Or Activity
Novice नौसिखिए
649 One, New To Anything,
Novice Or Tyro नौसिखिया या नौसिखिए
650 The Study Of Coins Numismatics न्यूमिज़माटिक्स
651 One Who Collects
652 Article Of Food Rich
In Nutrition
Nutritive पुष्टिकर
653 Fear Of Darkness Nyctophobia  
654 A Long Pole Used For
Rowing A Boat
Oar डांड़
655 Fertile Spot In
Oasis शाद्वल
656 Having Lot Of Fat In
One’s Body
Obesity मोटापा
657 An Account In The
Newspaper Of The Funeral Of The One Deceased
Obituary मृत्युलेख
658 Destroy Without Any
Obliterate काटना
659 No Longer In Use Obsolete अप्रचलित
660 Physician Who
Delivers Babies
Obstetrician दाई
661 Study Of Ocean Oceanography औशेयनोग्रफ़ी
662 Fear Of Crowds Ochlophobia  
663 A Person Who Is Of An
Age From 80 To 90
Octogenarian अस्सी साल का बुढ़ा
664 Eight-Armed
Octopus ऑक्टोपस
665 One Who Cure Eye
Oculist नेत्र-विशेषज्ञ
666 Study Of Teeth Odontology ओडोंटलजी
667 Fear Of Pain Odynophobia  
668 A Long Wandering
Odyssey ओडिसी
669 A Political System
Governed By A Few People
Oligarchy कुलीनतंत्र
670 One, Who Is All
Omnipotent सर्वशक्तिमान
671 One, Who Is Present
Omnipresent सर्व-भूत
672 Infinite Knowledge Omniscience सर्व-ज्ञानी
673 One, Who Knows
Omniscient सर्वज्ञ
674 One, Who Eats
Omnivorous सर्व-भक्षक
675 That Which Cannot Be
Seen Through
Opaque अपारदर्शी
676 Fear Of Snakes Ophiophobia  
677 One Who Treats
Diseases Of The Eye
Ophthalmologist नेत्र रोग विशेषज्ञ
678 Study Of Eye Ophthalmology नेत्र विज्ञान
679 Science Of Sight And
Optic ऑप्टिक
680 One Who Tests
Eyesight And Sells Spectacles
Optician प्रकाशविज्ञानशास्री
681 Study Of Light Optics प्रकाशिकी
682 A Person Who Looks At
The Brighter Side Of Things
Optimist आशावादी
683 One Who Makes An
Eloquent Public Speech
Orator वक्ता
684 A Field Or A Part Of
A Garden Where Fruit Trees Grow
Orchard बाग
685 The Ceremony At Which
A Man Becomes A Priest
Ordination समन्वय
686 A Factory Where
Military Materials Are Produced
Ordnance तोपख़ाने का
687 A Person Of Asian,
Especially East Asian, Descent
Oriental ओरिएंटल
688 The Branch Of Zoology
That Studies Birds
Ornithology पक्षीविज्ञान
689 Study Of Mountain Orography  
690 One, Who Has Lost
Orphan अनाथ
691 A Home For Orphans Orphanage अनाथालय
692 Specialist Who
Straightens Teeth
Orthodontist ओथडोटिस
693 Study Of Correct
Spelling Of Words
Orthography इमला
694 Medical Specialty
Dealing With Bones And Joints
Orthopedics अस्थियों
695 Fear Of Property Orthophobia  
696 One, Who Looks After
Horses At An Inn
Ostler साईस
697 To Expel From Society Ostracize समाज से बाहर निकालना
698 A Large Bird Reputed
To Bury Its Head In Sand When Pursued
Ostrich शुतुरमुर्ग
699 Dungeon Entered By
Oubliette उब्लियट
700 Cast Out As Useless Outcast निर्वासित
701 Policeman Riding On
Motorcycles As Guards To A Vip
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
702 One Who Believes In
Total Abolition Of War
Pacifist शांतिवादी
703 A Person, Who Is
Specialist In Child Diseases
Paediatrician बाल रोग विशेषज्ञ
704 Person Who Does Not
Believe In Any
Pagan बुतपरस्त
705 Food Which Agrees
With One’s Taste
Palatable स्वादिष्ट
706 The Study Of Ancient
Paleography प्राचीन शिलालेखों का
707 Study Of Fossils Paleontology जीवाश्म विज्ञान
708 A Remedy For All
Panacea रामबाण
709 Government Run
710 A Speech Or Writing
Praising A Person Or A Thing
Panegyric स्तुतिपाठ
711 Person Who Belives
That God Is Everything And Eveyting Is God
712 A Dumb Show Pantomime मूकाभिनय
713 A Lover Specially One
Who Unlawfully Takes The Position Of A Wife Or A Husband
Paramour प्रेमिका
714 One Who Lives On
Parasite परजीवी
715 A Lady’s Umbrella Is Parasol छत्र
716 Funny Imitation Of A
Parody हास्यानुकृति
717 Pledge Given By A
Prisoner For Temporary Release, Not To Escape
Parole पैरोल
718 Murder Of One’s
Parricide देश-द्रोही
719 Sole Right To Make
And Sell Some Invention
Patent पेटेंट
720 One Who Examines
Tissues Under A Microscope To Diagnose Disease
Pathologist चिकित्सक
721 Study Of Disease Pathology पैथोलॉजी
722 Murder Of Father Patricide पिता का वध
723 Property Inherited
From Forefathers
Patrimony विरासत
724 One Who Loves Own
Patriot देश-भक्त
725 A Person Who Is Very
Pauper कंगाल
726 Principles Of
Pedagogy शिक्षणशास्र
727 One, Who Makes A Vain
Display Of His Knowledge
Pedant रूढ़िवादी
728 A Style In Which A
Writer Makes A Display Of His Knowledge
Pedantic पंडिताऊ
729 One, Who Goes On Foot Pedestrian पैदल यात्री
730 The Specialist Who
Treats Childhood Illnesses
Pediatrician बच्चों का चिकित्सक
731 To Remove The Skin Of
A Potato Or And Orange
Peel छाल
732 Equal In Rank Peer सहकर्मी
733 A Small Enclosure For
Cattle ,Sheep ,Polutry Etc
Pen लेखनी
734 Fear Of Poverty Peniaphobia  
735 Land So Surrounded By
Water As To E Almost And Island
Peninsula प्रायद्वीप
736 Payment Made In
Consideration Of Past Service
Pension पेंशन
737 A Specialist Who
Treats Diseases Of The Gum
Periodontist परिदंतशोथ
738 Be The Embodiment Or
Perfect Example
Personify आदर्शरूप ग्रहण करना
739 A Person Who Looks At
The Darker Side Of Things
Pessimist निराशावादी
740 Fear Of Becoming Bald Phalacrophobia  
741 One Who Engages In
Extramarital Sex
Philander भ्रष्टाचार करना
742 One, Who Amuses
Himself By Love Making
Philanderer पुच्छलगा
743 One Who Is Interested
In Charitable Works
Philanthropist लोकोपकारक
744 One, Who Collects
Philatelist डाक के टिकट का
745 Study Of Stamp
Philately टिकट इकट्ठा करने का
746 One Who Does Not Care
For Art And Literature
Philistine अशिक्षित
747 A Lover Of Womankind Philogynist स्रियों का प्रेमी
748 One Who Works For The
Welfare Of The Women
Philogynist /Feminist स्रियों का प्रेमी /
749 The Study Of
Philology भाषाशास्त्र
750 A Lover Of Learning Philomath  
751 A Lover Of Property
And Art
752 A Lover Of Arts Philotechnic  
753 A Lover Of God Philotheist  
754 A Lover Of Animals Philozoic  
755 Fear Of Writing Graph Phobia भय
756 Study Of Sound Phonetics, Acoustics फोनेटिक्स, ध्वनिकी
757 The Science Of
Judging Of A Person’s Character Capabilities Etc
Phrenology मस्तिष्क-विज्ञान
758 The Study Of Human
Physiognomy मुख का आकृति
759 The Science Dealing
With The Functioning Of Organisms
Physiology फिजियोलॉजी
760 Ride On Someone’s
761 A Thief Who Steals
Without Using Violence
Pilferer चोर
762 One Who Journeys To A
Holy Place
Pilgrim यात्री
763 One Who Does
Something First
Pioneer अगुआ
764 Act Of Turning
Hostility Into Friendly Feelings
765 Literary Theft Or
Passing Off An Author’s Original Work As One’s Own
Plagiarism साहित्यक डाकाज़नी
766 Someone Who Uses
Another Person’s Words Or Ideas As If They Were His Own
Plagiarist साहित्यिक चोर
767 Ordinary Remarks
Often Repeated
Platitude साधारण बात
768 Common Place Remarks Platitudes  
769 Egg-Laying Mammal Platypus एक प्रकार का
बत्तक-सदृश नाक से पशु
770 A Decision Made By
Votes Of All Qualified Citizens
Plebiscite जनमत-संग्रह
771 A Person With Full
Discretionary Power To Act On Behalf Of A Country
Plenipotentiary साधिकार
772 Use Of More Words
Than Are Needed To Express The Meaning
Pleonasm शब्द-बाहुल्य
773 Government By The
Plutocracy धनिक तन्त्र
774 Stand For A Speaker Podium मंच
775 The Practice Of
Marrying More Than One Husband At A Time
Polyandry एक से अधिक जीवित पति
रखने की बात या अवस्था
776 The Practice Of
Marrying More Than One Wife At A Time
Polygamy बहुविवाह
777 One, Who Speaks Many
Polyglot बहुभाषी
778 A Figure With Many
Angles Or Sides
Polygon बहुभुज
779 A Place Where Ships
Seek Shelter
Port बंदरगाह
780 That Can Be Carried
Portable पोर्टेबल
781 A Number Of Policemen
Called To Quell A Riot
Posse मेला
782 A Child Born After
The Death Of His Father Or The Book Published After The Death Of The Writer
Posthumous मरणोत्तर
783 A Book Published
After The Death Of Its Author
Posthumus पोस्थुमस
784 An Examination Of
Dead Body
Post-Mortem शव परीक्षा
785 A Note Appended To A
Letter After The Signature
Postscript उपसंहार
786 Something Which Can
Be Taken For Granted
Postulate मांगना
787 Fit To Drink Potable पीने योग्य
788 A Book Or Picture
Produced Merely To Bring In Money
Pot‐Boiler पॉट-बॉयलर
789 A Person Concerned
With Practical Results And Values
Pragmatist दंभी
790 Any Animal That Lives
By Preying On Other Animals
Predator दरिंदा
791 To Form An Opinion
Against Anybody Baselessly
Prejudice पक्षपात
792 Explicit
Understanding To Do Something
Promise वादा
793 Prohibition Against
Something Injurious
Proscription बहिष्कार
794 Take Legal Action
Against Somebody
Prosecute पर मुकदमा चलाने
795 Woman Who Offers The
Use Of Her Body For Sexual Intercourse To Any One Who Will Pay For This
Prostitute पतुरिया
796 Food For Farm Animals Provender चारा
797 One Who Studies The
Pattern Of Voting In Elections
Psephologist चुनाव विश्लेषक
798 The Branch Of
Sociology That Studies Election Trends
799 An Imaginary Name
Assumed By An Author For Disguise
Pseudonym उपनाम
800 One Who Treats Mental
And Emotional Disturbances
Psychiatrist मनोचिकित्सक
801 One Who Studies The
Science Of Mind
Psychologist मनोविज्ञानी
802 Antisocial Person Who
May Commit Criminal Acts
Psychopath, Sociopath मनोरोगी, Sociopath
803 Inclined To Fight Or
Be Aggressive
Pugnacity कलह की इच्छा
804 One Who Is Particular
About The Purity Of One’s Language
Purist शुद्धतावादी
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
805 One Who Pretends
Skill In Medicine And Surgery
Quack नीमहकीम
806 Animal Having Four
Quadruped चौपाया
807 An Act Of Separation
From Other Persons To Avoid Infection
Quarantine संगरोध करना
808 Stanza Of Four Lines Quatrain रुबाई
809 Formulated Series Of
Questionnaire प्रश्नावली
810 A Feather Used As A
Quill मोड़ना
811 Fixed Number Of
Person That Must Be Present To Make Proceedings Valid
Quorum कोरम
812 People In Rowdy
Rabble भीड़
813 Emission Of Light Or
Heat From Central Point
Radiation विकिरण
814 Lottery In Which An
Article Is Assigned By Lot To One Of Those Buying Tickets
Raffle /Draw क्रीड़ा / ड्रा
815 To Use A Woman By
Rape बलात्कार
816 One Who Takes Up Arms
Against Government
Rebel विद्रोही
817 Person Who Lives
Alone And Avoid Others
Recluse वैरागी
818 Too Much Official
Red-Tapism लालफीताशाही
819 Dress With Medals,
Ribbons Worn At Official Ceremonies
Regalia इनाम
820 Murder Of King Or
Regicide राज-हत्या
821 Give Back To The
Users Their Youthful Vigor And Appearance
Rejuvenate फिर से युवा करना
822 One Who Forsakes
Renegade पाखण्डी
823 Witty , Clever Retort Repartee हाजिर जवाबी
824 A Light Sailing Boat
Built Especially For Racing Yacht Atonement For One’s Sins
Repentance पछतावा
825 A State In Which
Supreme Power Is Held By The People And Their Elected Representatives, And
Which Has An Elected Or Nominated President Rather Than A Monarch
Republic गणतंत्र
826 Shining , Brilliant
And Magnificent
Resplendent देदीप्यमान
827 Give Tit For Tat Retaliate प्रतिकार करना
828 A Person Who Is
Reserved In Talks
Reticent अल्पभाषी
829 A Lady’s Purse Reticule  
830 Which Takes Effect
From Some Earlier Date
Retrospective पूर्वप्रभावी
831 A Radical Change Or
Political Upheaval
Revolution क्रांति
832 The Art Of Elegant
Speech Or Writing
Rhetoric वक्रपटुता
833 An Intelligent And
Obedient Machine Like A Man
Robot रोबोट
834 A String Of Beads
Used For Counting Prayers
Rosary माला
835 Violating Or
Profaning Religious Things/Places
Sacrilege अपवित्रीकरण
836 One Who Helps Others
Samaritan सामरी
837 A Place For The Sick
To Recover Health
Sanatorium आरोग्यआश्रम
838 A Place Of Refuge
Recognized As Secure
Sanctuary मंदिर
839 A Platform For
Hanging Criminals
Scaffold पाड़
840 One Who Is Given To
Questioning The Truth Of Facts And The Soundness Of Inferences
Sceptic संदेहवादी
841 Someone Who Knows A
Lot About The Subject
Scholar छात्र
842 Write Hurriedly Or
Carelessly In Regard To Hand Writing
Scribble घसीटना
843 One, Who Cuts In
Sculptor संगतराश
844 Which Does Not Favour
Anyone Religion
Secular धर्म निरपेक्ष
845 An Instrument For
Measuring Movements Of The Ground
Seismograph भूकंप-सूचक यंत्र
846 One Who Studies The
Meanings Of Words
847 Music Played Or Sung
At Night Below A Person’s Window
Serenade प्रेमी का सन्ध्या का
848 Breeding Of Silkworm
For Silk Production
Sericulture रेशम उत्पादन
849 A Stanza Of Six Lines Sestet  
850 A Case In Which The
Sword Is Kept
Sheath म्यान
851 A Case In Which The
Blade Of A Sword Is Kept Sheath
Sheath / Scabbard म्यान / म्यान
852 Cutting All The Waste
Paper Into Pieces
Shredding कतरन
853 A Woman With Peevish
Shrew कर्कशा
854 Go Back And Forth Shuttle शटल
855 Sleep Enjoyed In The
Siesta गरम देशों में दोपहर
की अल्प निद्रा
856 A Portrait Of A
Person With Only The Outline Of The Profile
Silhouette सिल्हूट
857 Happening At The Same
Simultaneous समकालिक
858 A Job With High
Salary But Little Responsibility
Sinecure ऐसा पद जिस में वेतन
मिले परन्तु कुछ काम न करना पड़े
859 Someone Who Imports
Or Exports Without Paying Duties
Smuggler तस्कर
860 One Who Despises
Persons Of Lower Social Position
Snob मोची का नौकर
861 One Who Studies
Social Conditions
Sociologist समाजशास्त्री
862 A Short Stay At A
Sojourn डेरा डालना
863 Eclipse Of Sun Solar सौर
864 Speaking Himself When
Soliloquy स्वगत भाषण
865 A Piece Of Music By
One Person
Solo एकल
866 Sleepwalking Somnambulism नींद में चलना
867 A Person, Who Walks
In Sleep
Somnambulist नींद में चलनेवाला
868 Talking In Sleep Somniloquism  
869 A Person, Who Talks
In Sleep
870 Causing Or Tending To
Cause Sleep
Soporific ऊंघता हुआ
871 Murder Of Sister Sororicide  
872 One, Who Is A
Habitual Drunkard
Sot, Toper पियक्कड़, शराबी
873 One Who Is A Habitual
874 A Thing Kept As A
Reminder Of A Person, Place Or Event
Souvenir यादगार
875 Image Formed By Rays
Of Light
Spectrum स्पेक्ट्रम
876 A Person Who Spends
His Money Recklessly
Spendthrift, Prodigal उड़ाऊ, खर्चीला
877 Lady Who Remains
Spinster कातनेवाली
878 One Who Speaks On
Behalf Of Others
Spokesman प्रवक्ता
879 A Place For Horses Stable स्थिर
880 To Make Free From
Living Germs Or Bacteria
Sterilize बाँझ बनाना
881 One Who Loads And
Unloads Ships
Stevedore जहाज़ पर का माल
882 A Person Who Insists
On Something
Stickler हामी
883 A Mark Of Shame Stigma कलंक
884 A Person, Who Is
Indifferent To Pleasure And Pain And Has Control Over His Passions
Stoic उदासीन
885 Indifference To
Pleasure Or Pain
Stoicism वैराग्य
886 Walk In A Vain ,
Self‐Important Way
Strut अकड़
887 A Heavy Unnatural
Stupor व्यामोह
888 A Place Where Pigs
Are Kept
Sty शूकरशाला
889 Submarines Operate
Below The Surface Of The Seas
Subterranean भूमिगत
890 Murder Of Oneself Suicide आत्महत्या
891 A Substitute Surrogate सरोगेट
892 The Last Work
(Literary) Of A Writer
Swan Song हंस गीत
893 A Large Group Of
Insects Moving In A Mass
Swarm झुंड
894 A Boastful Fellow Swashbuckler गलाकाटू
895 To Slap With A Flat
Swat शक्तिशाली प्रहार
896 Occurring At The Same
Time Or Rate
Synchronous एक समय का
897 A Council Of
Synod पादरियों की सभा
898 Words Which Have The
Same Meaning
Synonyms समानार्थी
Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
899 A Place Where Lather
Is Tanned
Tannery चमड़े का कारख़ाना
900 The Art Of Preserving
Taxidermy चर्मपूर्ण करना
901 One Who Does Not Take
Alcoholic Drinks
Teetotaller मद्यत्यागी
902 One, Who Does Not
Take Any Intoxicating Drink
Teetotaller मद्यत्यागी
903 Power Of Reading
Thoughts Of Others
Telepathy टेलिपाथी
904 An Instrument Of
Seeing Distant Objects
Telescope दूरबीन
905 One Who Enjoy Talking
About Others Private Affairs
Telltale गप्पी
906 A Noisy Quarrelsome
Women, A Shrew
Termagant लड़ाका
907 Station At The End Of
A Route
Terminus अंतिम स्टेशन
908 Fear Of Deaths Thanatophobia  
909 One Who Believes In
The Existence Of A God Or Gods
Theist आस्तिक
910 Government By
Religious Principles
Theocracy थेअक्रसी
911 Government By The
912 An Instrument For
Measuring Temperature
Thermometer थर्मामीटर
913 Fasten Or Secure With
A Rope, String, Or Cord
Tie टाई
914 One Who Always Runs
Away From Danger
Timid डरपोक
915 Pleasurable
Titillation गुदगुदाना
916 Existing Only In Name Titular नाममात्र का
917 A Dull, Heavy Book Tome मुझसे
918 One Who Is Habitual
Toper/Sot शराबी / सोत
919 Art Of Cutting Tree
And Bushes Into Ornamental Shape
920 A Writing Which End
In Death Or Sorrow
Tragedy त्रासदी
921 Allowing Light To
Pass Through Diffusely
Translucent पारभासी
922 The Doctrine That
Human Souls Pass From One Body To Another At The Time Of Death
Transmigration स्थानांतरगमन
923 A Drawing On
Transparent Paper
Transparency ट्रांसपेरेंसी
924 That Which Can Be
Seen Through
Transparent पारदर्शक
925 An Event Which
Happens Once In Three Years
Triennial त्रैवार्षिक
926 Group Of Three Novels Trilogy त्रयी
927 Having Three Legs Tripod तिपाई
928 Fear Of Numbers Triskaidekaphobia  
929 A Person/Student Who
Absents Himself From Class Or Duty Without Permission
Truant अनुपस्थित रहने
930 Plain Or Self Evident
931 Confidence Reposed In
Person By Making Them Nominal Owner
Trust भरोसा
932 A Disloyal Person Who
Betrays Or Deserts His Cause
933 Two Children Born
Twins जुड़वां
934 Science Of Printing Typography टाइपोग्राफी
935 Found Or Present
Ubiquitous देशव्यापी
936 All Of One Mind Unanimous सर्वसम्मत
937 Incapable Of Being
Unavoidable अनिवार्य
938 Decision Taken By
One’s Side Only
Unilateral एकतरफा
939 Belonging To All
Parts Of The World
Universal यूनिवर्सल
940 Having Information
Till Today
Up-To-Date आधुनिक
941 The Study Of
Urology उरोलोजि
942 One Who Lends Money
At Higher Rate Of Interest
Usurer सूदखोर
943 A Person Who Seize
Something Without The Right To Do So
Usurper हड़पनेवाला
944 An Imaginary Perfect
Social And Political System
Utopia आदर्शलोक
945 Murder Of Wife Uxoricide  
946 One Extremely Fond Of
One’s Wife
947 Change One’s Mind Two
Vacillation चंचलता
948 A Person Who Lives A
Wandering Life
Vagabond आवारा
949 A Farewell Speech Valedictory विदा का
950 Weak Or Sickly Person
Especially One Morbidly Concerned With His Or Her Health
Valetudinarian वहमी
951 Someone Who Willfully
Destroys Or Defaces Property
Vandal बर्बर
952 Someone Who Eats No
Meat Or Fish
Vegetarian शाकाहारी
953 A Fault That May Be
Venial अमर
954 The Meat Of Deer Venison हिरन का मांस
955 A Performer Who
Projects The Voice Into A Wooden Dummy
956 Repetition Of Word By
Word, word for word
Verbatim प्रतिशब्द
957 Style Full Of Words Verbose वाचाल
958 Interested In And
Clever At Many Different Things
Versatile बहुमुखी
959 Animals Having Spinal
Vertebrate हड्डीवाला
960 Evening Prayer In A
Vesper संध्या का तारा
961 One, Who Has A Long
Experience Of Any Occupation
Veteran वयोवृद्ध
962 A Short Literary
Description Marked By Delicacy
Vignette शब्दचित्र
963 One Who Is Determined
To Exact Full Vegeance For Wrong Done To Him
Vindictive प्रतिशोधी
964 One Who Deals In
965 A Woman Who Has No
Sexual Experience
Virgin अछूता
966 One Who Is Brilliant
Performer On Stage (Specially Music)
Virtuoso कलाप्रवीण व्यक्ति
967 One, Who Offers One’s
Volunteer स्वयंसेवक
968 Person Who Gives
Himself Up To Luxury And Sexual Pleasures
969 One Who Is Very Eager
For Knowledge And Reads A Lot
Voracious पेटू
970 A Long Journy
Especially By Sea
Voyage जलयात्रा
971 A Place For Clothes Wardrobe कपड़े
972 A Cock-Shaped
Indicator On The Building Top To Show The Direction Of Air
Weather-Cock मौसम मुर्गा
973 A Person Sharing
Responsibility For A Political Party’s Discipline And Tactics
Whip कोड़ा
974 A Woman Whose Husband
Has Died
Widow विधवा
975 A Man Whose Wife Has
Widower विधुर
976 Method Of Sending
Messages Without The Help Of Wires
Wireless Or Radio वायरलेस या रेडियो
977 To Move Along With
Quick Short Twisting Actions
978 Fear Of Sex Genophobia विदेशी लोगों को न
पसन्द करना
979 Fear Of God Zeusophobia  
980 A Belt Of The
Heavenly Bodies Divided Into Equal Signs
Zodiac राशि चक्र
981 A Place Where Birds
And Animals Are Kept
Zoo चिड़ियाघर
982 One Who Studies The
Science Of History Of Animals Of Mountains Till It Melts After Passing The
Snow Line
Zoologist जीव विज्ञानी
983 The Branch Of Biology
That Studies Animals
Zoology जंतु शास्र
984 Fear Of Animals Zoophobia
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