Last Minute Preparation Strategy (Section-wise) for Upcoming CAT Exam

Last Minute Preparation Strategy (Section-wise) for Upcoming CAT Exam

Every year, the CAT Exam is the most popular of all the MBA entrance exams. For many hopefuls, getting an MBA from a reputable institution is a dream come true. The CAT Exam is required of applicants seeking admission to MBA programmes.

The CAT exam is required for admission to the IIMs and other top business institutions in India. 

The last five days of exam preparation strategy is totally different and crucial as compared to the early days’ preparation strategy. At this point, candidates should slender their CAT preparation and should avoid doing unnecessary things that can reduce your Probability of getting admission into a reputable business school.At the last moments of preparation, candidates need to focus on major as well as minor things. 

On that note, let’s discuss a preparation strategy to ace each section of the upcoming CAT exam.

Quantitative Aptitude

The quantitative aptitude component of the CAT is widely regarded as the most challenging. To succeed in this section, one must have a high rate of speed and precision. Concept-based questions make up the majority of this section. As a result, it is critical for applicants to first clarify their understanding of each topic.

To excel in this subject, students should have a strong knowledge of mathematics, and they should strive to calculate in their heads rather than on paper to save time. In the last days of CAT preparation, candidates should solve the previous year question paper so that one should know the topics carrying higher weightage in the Quantitative Aptitude section and prioritize such topics first while preparing for the CAT exam. However, you should leave any topic whether it’s a low weightage carrying topic like Permutation and Combination.

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