(PDF) The Revolt of 1857: The First war of Independence

The Revolt of 1857: The First war of Independence
The Revolt of 1857: The First war of Independence

(PDF) The Revolt of 1857: The First war of Independence

The Revolt of 1857 is an important Landmark in the history of India Which Occurred during the governor-generalship of Lord Canning.

Causes of revolt:

The revolt of 1857 was a combination of political, economic, socio-religious and military causes.
Political: Nana Sahib was refused pension, as he was the adopted son of pesewa Baji Rao II. Avadh was annexed in 1857, on charges of maladministration Satara, Jhansi, Nagpur and Sambhalpur were annexed owing to Doctrine of lapse.

Economic: Heavy taxation, forcibly evictions, discriminatory tariff policy against Indian products and destruction of traditional handicrafts that hit peasants and artisans.

Social religious: British social reforms (abolition of sati, 1829; legalization of widow remarriage, 1856 etc.) hurtled the sentiments of orthodox and conservative People.
Military: Discrimination with Indian soldiers.
Immediate cause: The introduction of Enfield rifles whose cartridges were said to have a greased cover made of beef and pork sparked off the revolt.

The beginning and Spread of the Revolt: On March 29 1857, an Indian sepoy of 34 Native Infantry, Mangal Pandey, killed two British officers Hugeson and Baugh on Parade at Barrack pore. The Indian soldiers present, refused to obey orders to arrest Mangal Pandey . However , he was later on arrested , put to and hanged .

The mutiny really stared at Meerut on 10th May 1857. The occasion was the punishment of some sepoys for their refusal to use the greased cartridges. The soldiers along with other groups of civilians, went on rampage, they broke open jails, murdered Europeans, burnt their houses and marched to Delhi after sunset.

The appearance of the marching soldiers next, morning (11thMay) in Delhi was signal to the local soldiers, who in turn revolted, seized the city and proclaimed the 82-year-old Bahadur Shah “Zafar” as Shahenshah- i- Hindustan

Within a month of the capture of Delhi, the revolt spread to different parts of India, South remained quiet and Punjab and Bengal were only marginally affected.

Causes of failure of Revolt:

The Revolt of 1857 was an unsuccessful but heroic effort to eliminate foreign
rule.The main cause were:
1. Disunity of Indians and poor organization.
2. Lack of complete Nationalism-Scandia’s, Holkars, Nizam and other actively helped the British.
3. Lack of coordination between sepoys, peasants, zamindars and other classes.
4. Many had different motives for participating in the revolt.


1. The important element in the revolt lay in Hindu-Muslim unity.

2. People exhibited Patriotic sentiment without any touch of communal feelings.

Impact of the revolt of 1857

• In August 1857, The British parliament passed an act, which put an end to the rule of the British east India company. The control of the British government in India was transferred to the British Crown.

• Doctrine of Lapse was withdrawn.
• A minister of the British government called the secretary of state for India was made responsible for the governance of India.
• The British Governor-General of India was now also given the title of Viceroy.

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