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UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers 2018 with PDF Download

UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers 2018
UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers 2018

UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers 2018 with PDF Download

UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers 2018 with PDF Download-Hello Friends, Welcome to wikimeinpedia.Com, दोस्तों जैसा की आप लोग जानते ही है की हम आपको प्रतिदिन कुछ नई study मटेरियल provides करते है | आज हम इस पोस्ट में आपसे UGC NET से सम्बंधित UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers साझा करने जा रहे हैं.जो आप सभी को एग्जाम से पहले एक बार अवश्य देख लेने चाहिए और इससे आपको होने वाली आगामी UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers के परीक्षा का आईडिया लग जायेगा कि पेपर कैसा आएगा और प्रश्नों का स्तर क्या होगा.

आज हम आपको UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers परीक्षा से सम्बंधित जितने भी Previous Year Question Papers & Solved Papers अभी हमारी टीम के पास उपलब्ध हैं हम इस पोस्ट में नीचे लिस्ट के माध्यम से साझा करने जा रहे हैं जिसे Download बटन पर  क्लिक कर के आसानी के साथ डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं.

इसे भी पढ़े…

इसे भी पढ़ें…

UGC NET Visual Arts Solved Question Papers

1. Raja Ravi Verma’s Oleographs are considered as :
(A) Expressionistic style (B) Bazar style
(C) European style (D) All of the above 

2. Which are the relief printing processes?
(A) Planography and Serigraphy
(B) Lithography and woodcut 
(C) Aquatint and Drypoint
(D) Lithography, Drypoint and woodcut

3. Brayer is also known as :
(A) Soft Ground (B) Block of wood
(C) Rubber Roller (D) Squeeze

4. ‘Construction-I’ is the creation of :
(A) Renoir (B) Picasso
(C) Jagdish Dey (D) I. Swaminathan

5. The print ‘Five faces’ is made by :
(A) Bishan Kumar Bharadwaj (B) Subha Gosh
(C) Shukla Sawant (D) Moti Zharotia

6. Raja Ravi Verma’s prints are called :
(A) Serigraphs (B) Lithographs
(C) Oleographs (D) Collographs

7. In silk screen printing what makes the surface photosensitive?
(A) Potassium permanganate (B) Potassium Dichromate 
(C) Sodium Hydrochloride (D) Nitric Acid

8. During what period lithography printing start in India?
(A) 1825-1830 (B) 1830-1860
(C) 1890-1905 (D) 1920-1930

9. The Royal Academy, London was Founded by :
(A) Sir Joshua Reynolds (B) David Annesley
(C) Francis Bacon (D) Michael Ayrton

10. Name the Author of the book entitled, “The Non-Objective World” :
(A) Paule Klee (B) Moholy Nagy
(C) Robert Motherwell (D) Kajimir Malvich 

11. Who wrote the book, “Kangra Painting on Love”?
(A) O. C. Ganguly (B) W. G. Archer
(C) M. S. Randhawa (D) A. K. Coomaraswamy

12. The painting entitled, ‘Ankuran’ is painted by whom?
(A) M. F. Husain (B) S. H. Raza 
(C) F. N. Suza (D) K. K. Habber

13. Which of the miniature school have largely produced painting on ‘Hunting’ theme?
(A) Kishangarh School (B) Kota School 
(C) Kangra School (D) Basoli School

14. The first international exhibition of Abstract art was held in the year of :
(A) 1932 AD New York (B) 1930 AD Paris 
(C) 1940 AD Weimer (D) 1942 AD Dublin

15. Name the place where an exhibition on ‘New Tantra’ theme was organized during Bharat Mahotsava (1985-86).
(A) Moscow (B) Los Angeles 
(C) London (D) Paris

16. The famous international exhibition of Modern art known as ‘ARMORY SHOW’ was organized by :
(A) Mark Rothko and Arshile Gorky
(B) Walt Kuhn and Arthur B. Davies 
(C) J. Pollock and De Kooning
(D) Franz Kline and Mark Tobey

17. Generic term to describe a wide range of typeface designs with Serif forms :
(A) Roman (C) Uncials
(B) Gothic (D) Pseudo Serif

18. The Iconic symbol of “Apple Computers Inc.” designed by :
(A) Steve Jobs (B) Steve Wazniak
(C) Isaac Newton (D) Rob Janoff 

19. Name the typographer who admonished “Letters are not pictures but signs for sounds”.
(A) John Baskerville (B) Charlie Hebdo
(C) Eric Gill (D) Federic Gondy

20. Who experimented with the photographic technique of ‘Solarization’ from the mid-1920’s?
(A) Man Ray (B) Louis Daguerre
(C) W. Henry Fox Talbot (D) Johann Heinrich Schulze

21. Initial letter of the first word in a text set in a larger size, extends into the lines of type below is referred as :
(A) Descender (B) Drop Cap 
(C) Small Capitals (D) Grotesque

22. ‘Polish school of Posters’ emerged historically as a new and creative branch of contemporary art :
(A) After World War-II (B) After World War-I
(C) At the end of Cold war (D) After the defeat of the ‘Spanish Armada’

23. The first fully – fledged all – photographic news magazine in the United States was :
(A) Harper’s Bazaar (B) Shutterbug
(C) Life (D) Fortune

24. ‘Italic characters’ with extravagant Calli-graphic flourishes are known as :
(A) Rockwell characters (B) Swash characters 
(C) Logotype (D) Asymmetric characters

25. Who is the author of the book Art and Visual Culture in India?
(A) Geeta Kapoor (B) Anish Kapoor
(C) Saryu Doshi (D) Gayatri Sinha 

26. Which of the following temple represents to the fully evolved Ka1inga style Temple Architecture?
(A) Parasuramesvara Temple (B) Raja Rani Temple
(C) Linga Raj Temple (D) Sun Temple of Konark

27. Who was the Chief Architect of Humayun’s Tomb?
(A) Mirak Mirza Ghiyas (B) Ustad Ahmad
(C) Mir Abdul Karim (D) Ustad Isa Shirazi

28. Name the European painter who is known for painting elongated shadows, empty roads and arcades in mysterious way :
(A) Edvard Munch (B) Edward Hopper
(C) Giorgio Chirico (D) Alberto Savinio

29. Name the art critique who spoke about ‘significant form’ in aesthetic :
(A) Clive Bell (B) Roger Fry
(C) I. A. Richards (D) Herbert Read

30. Tala Mana is associated with :
(A) Iconography (B) Music
(C) Dance (D) Drama

31. Nainsukha is a famous painter of Pahari painting, mainly associated with :
(A) Basohli (B) Jammu
(C) GuIer (D) Iasrota 

32. From following, who is known for Geometrical Abstraction?
(A) Kazimir Malevich (B) Wassily Kandisky
(C) Piet Momdrian (D) Jaison Cianelli

33. Auguste Rodin principally worked with :
(A) Plasticine (B) Wax
(C) Clay (D) Marble

34. Which is not alloy?
(A) Bronze (B) Brass
(C) Copper (D) White metal

35. ‘Investment mould’ is associated with :
(A) Multiple casting (B) Bronze casting 
(C) Fibre – Glass casting (D) Rubber casing

36. Who was the sculptor of famous ‘Ecstasy of St. Teresa’?
(A) Donatello (B) Bernini 
(C) Jean Baptiste Pigalla (D) Francisco Salzillo

37. Name of the sculptor who was the Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi :
(A) Dhanraj Bhagat (B) Chintamani Kar
(C) B. S. Katt (D) Shankho Chaudhuri 

38. Name of the Sculptor who was commissioned for the Stone Sculpture (Yaksha-Yakshini) for Reserve Bank of India Building, New Delhi :
(A) D. P. Roychaudhuri (B) Sharbari Roychaudhuri
(C) Ramkinkar Baij (D) Shankho Chaudhuri

39. Biscuit Firing is related with :
(A) Lost wax casting (B) Ceramics 
(C) Sand casting (D) Dogra Casting

40. Mallet is related with :
(A) Stone carving (B) Wood carving 
(C) Bronze casting (D) Direct metal sculpture

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